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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Corporate Hipocrisy and Conspiracy Theory

Stop telling people who care about the issues we face in the world today that they are too "Gung-Ho" or "Conspiracy Theorists". My reply to these comments are to tell the person they are an ignorant consumer, exactly what makes these corporations the most money and keeps American industry booming. If there was not corruption among these corporations and lobbies, then we would not need such misleading information and ambiguous responses being shoveled to the public. The American Council for Fitness and Nutrition (ACFN)....... sounds pretty positive, right? It is backed and funded by Coca-Cola and Kraft foods, as well as many other "Big Foods" corporations that are perpetuating the decline of our health in the name of profit. It is also backed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) - who are on record as opposing nearly every state bill that would restrict some of the sales of junk food or soda in schools. Also, they are backed by the National Restaurant Association - who oppose providing nutritional information and fight to block access to courtrooms by customers who may be harmed by eating their food. What kind of company could seriously be honest if they won't even allow their customers to know what they are getting from their product? People who are honest and have nothing to hide DON'T HIDE THINGS! You have some people who try to defend these companies by pointing out the small positive things they do to blind us from their true motives. Such as McDonalds, they have the Ronald McDonald house to help children, yet they spend billions every year promoting a clown and playgrounds at every McDonalds when even they could not defend their food as being good for children. Or how about our past secretary of health and human services Tommy Thompson. He stood in front of thousands at a Time/ABC News summit on obesity and praised companies like Coca-Cola for being "responsible" corporate citizens. Maybe because they have a "Heart Healthy" stamp, which you can have too for the right price, they have their emblem on Frito Lay chips and Lucky Charms......? He didn't have much to say when a state representative stood up and asked : if Coca-Cola was such a responsible corporate citizen, then why had they sent 5 lobbyists to Brown's state capitol to kill his school nutrition bill. A bill that would have only required that 50% of all drinks in school be healthy. Coca-Cola refused to even meet him halfway, because it would reduce profit, who cares about health. When will people see that corporations are in place for profit. They provide a service, but their main goal becomes maximizing profits. The positive things that these large corporations do, and spend millions on to publicize as much as possible to make sure we all know, are merely P.R. campaigns to continue to maximize profits. Most positive measures taken by corporations known to be negative influences are not put into place until after they are attacked. If they truly cared then they would take the initiative or at least have honesty and integrity from the start. If you don't care that the world is falling apart from the inside out then shut up and let the people who care educate and take action. Don't talk about how they are "food-nazi's" or "conspiracy theorists". Because the ones who really care do research and have many obvious reasons to believe what they do. The examples above would be enough to give anyone with half a brain enough evidence to at least question. The ones who really want to change will take action, so get the fuck out of the way.

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