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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is Food Safe?

In American supermarkets, our food has been infiltrated by science, in an attempt to make the food "better" than what it already is. By doing so, we have now entered a time that is dominated by obesity and malnutrition. In the late 70's, and into our current generation, we became obsessed with discovering what it was in food that our bodies actually needed to grow and be healthy. We discarded the idea that the food that has been provided for us since the beginning of time was good enough and decided we could improve upon it. That is when ingredient lists on food items began to get longer and harder to pronounce. We have become a society with two main citizens, those who are health nuts and want to add every vitamin and "nutrient" they can to food using science and hormones, or those who feel we can trust the FDA and Government to provide us with safe food choices. Neither of these lifestyles have proven successful, they lead to either obesity or failing kidneys and other organs. In our attempt to make ourselves healthy, we have actually broken fundamentals that have worked for thousands of years and succeeded in becoming even less healthy. The FDA can only regulate food to a certain degree, a degree that is ultimately determined by the needs of the economy and food industry. In 1938 the Government passed the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act stating that any processed food items must have the word "Imitation" printed on their label. This law was overturned in 1973, because it stood in the way of advancing food scientifically by adding things like dyes, gum, bicarbonate, and other chemicals. How can we trust an organization to tell us what is safe to eat, if they overturn the very laws they fought to create because of pressure by those with greedy and corrupt motives? The focus of food has become less about being healthy and more about maximizing it's effects, whether that be the amount of "nutrients" we can shove into it or how much we can yield from crops or animals to increase our sales. Look at the issues we have because of the corn crops. The government subsidizes farmers for their corn crops, so the farmers grow way too much corn and mounds of it sits under tarps decaying and going to waste. They then use whats left to create high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to shove into not only junk food and soda, but also supposedly "healthy" items like Gatorade. Even when the food industry releases food items with healthy claims such as "low-fat", "natural", or "high fiber", FDA regulations allow them to get away with hiding ingredients that are proven bad for our bodies behind these healthy claims, or to make claims that are misleading and fabricated. We have marshmallow covered cereals that are "high in fiber" and an "important part of your day" for children. Our attention is directed to the positive ideas to divert us from acknowledging how horrible the food blatantly is. This is like saying you should smoke crack because it helps you lose weight.... The FDA may do a decent job at regulating the safety of our food as far as preventing diseases and some of the methods with which the food is prepared, but it lets the food industry run freely as far as what they decide to put into the food. Because of this, obesity is one of the biggest causes of death in America now. People need to ignore the labels and simply turn the can around to read the ingredients. If it has more than 4 or 5 ingredients, and you can't pronounce most of them, then put it down! Or better yet, go to the produce isle and grab organic vegetables and some fresh fruit.

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