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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Patented Food

The corporation Monsanto has patented a genetically modified soy bean seed, and now owns rights to any crops containing their seed. One way you can tell if it is there seed is to spray Round-Up weed killer on all your crops, and the ones that live are Monsanto. This is because they bought all the pesticide companies in the mid 1990’s and genetically modified their seed so their weed killer could be used on it to kill bugs but not the plant. Their weed killer will kill all other plants however. Now, Monsanto sues thousands of farmers and destroys them by going to their land without permission or notice, collecting samples from their field, and a year later they file a lawsuit for patent infringement for having their seeds on their land. These seeds are blown over, carried from birds, and the farmers being sued do not even want the seeds on their property. Seeds are meant to travel freely, and now Monsanto is taking advantage of this fact. They have actually patented food, which is against the constitution. Most farmers settle because they cant afford to take it to trial. One farmer didn’t settle and lost all his money and still lost the case. The judge said he was guilty because he had Monsanto seed in his crops, and he didn’t care how it got there. The farmer then had to destroy all of his seed for fear it may be cross-contaminated. This is unbelievable and scary. Monsanto is trying to eliminate all seed except there own so they can literally own food. They could essentially decide who gets to eat and who doesn’t in the future. You think the government will stop this? They are the ones who blatantly went against the constitution to allow them to patent FOOD in the first place. We are allowing a company not only to drown our crops in pesticides, slightly different than the chemicals used for warfare in WWII (FACT), but also to sue all farmers out of business to monopolize the agriculture business. This is all happening easily because people don’t take the time to care, until corporations like Monsanto are at their door slapping a legal suit on them for infringement, slander, or defamation.  Or until they get cancer from the carcinogens from side effects of the genetic manipulation of our food, or should I say Monsanto’s food? Watch a film called The Future of Food for a bit of background.

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