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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Babies at Planned Parenthood!

How is it that hospitals have McDonald's and Pizza Hut food in their cafeterias? Multiple soda and candy machines full of refined sugars and HFCS? This is like planned parenthood giving out free babies, or mechanics ripping out your transmission while they change your oil. How can anyone claim the medical industry only cares for society's health and be on board with healthy lifestyles? How can they claim our health is the reason they are there, and not the billions of dollars for medications, procedures, and lengthy hospital stays? If they really cared they would be aware enough to realize that serving this food in their cafeterias is unacceptable and inappropriate. They are basically patching people up to push them right back into the emergency room, or better yet, the prescriptions window. Hospitals are just another business, another corporation, no matter how you look at it. And they are a billion dollar industry, that need to make money. If we had universal medical care, I guarantee you that the number of prescriptions would decrease and there would be other measures taken to keep people out of the medical system. The country would not want people in the hospitals because it would be a drain on the economy. As it is now, we love sick people - they make us billions. When the hospitals do something as simple as removing the very food that is proven to put people there, then I will re-consider my opinion of how much of a facade they present to the public. A facade protected by lawyers and manipulators.

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