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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Real Recovery Drink

If you do resistance and cardio training and need a recovery drink, I have a great one you can try that is inexpensive compared to most, and doesn't have a bunch of added crap in it. First off, most recovery drinks have a lot of extra ingredients added to it that are not necessary and can cause issues. they can also contain a lot of sugar and not enough protein. If you want a real recovery drink I can tell you how to make it, and pretty cheap. Get Gold Standard Whey protein, it is from GNC, but you can get a 10lb. bag on amazon for $80, it will last you about 3 mos. Then get some Glutamine, you can get about a 6 month supply for $30 on amazon. Buy some Spirulina algae for about $30 for a 3 month supply. The Gold Standard has 80% isolate, which is the kind you want, and 24 grams of protein. You do not need more than this because your body can typically only absorb up to 25 grams of protein at one time. The Spirulina is a natural algae and contains all essential and non-essential amino acids so your can process the protein and build chains for maximum results. Protein is built on long chains using amino acids, if you are short on just one of these then the others are all useless and wasted. The Glutamine helps with muscle soreness and metabolism, it has no common side effects or horrible uncommon ones either. Glutamine is necessary for protein synthesis during stressful times, like during an intense workout. I also add flaxseed to assist with my digestion. It doesn't taste great, but I just add 8 ounces of water and down it, it is quick and easy. All in all it costs about $200-$250 every 6 months, much cheaper than most others and without a bunch of added junk. I look forward to them after my workouts, and I have noticed great results from using this drink.


  1. How can I make drinking not affect my workout

  2. You mean drinking alcohol? If this is what you mean then you would need to stick with a moderate amount of drinking. You would also want to try to maybe only have a simple mixed drink with only liquor and a juice. But it is still a lot of sugar. The best you could do, besides eliminating drinking completely, is to drink vodka and tonic water with a squeeze of lime. Avoid beer completely, it has a lot of useless carbs. If you meant something else by your question then please let me know. Thanks