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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Want to burn fat? Then you need to understand Insulin:

When you eat simple carbs or high glycemic foods like sugars, you spike your blood glycogen or blood sugar. This is spiking your Insulin levels.

This triggers your body to stop burning fats so it can focus on burning sugars to lower your blood sugar back to normal or a state of homeostasis.

This can be helpful if you use simple carbs or sugars before, during and immediately after working out. It allows your body to burn carbs for a surplus of energy to get you through your workouts. It also helps your body to uptake any vitamins and minerals for protein synthesis to recover faster.

If you spike your insulin at night it inhibits growth hormones, which are secreted most abundantly during NREM sleep.

If you want to make your body run on fat more, you need to limit carb intake the later it gets in the day and the longer it has been since you worked out. This will train your body to burn fats due to the low level of carbs available. It will want to maintain the little carbs it has for basic energy processes, and switch to reserves (FAT!).

Protein can assist with this process as protein is broken down into amino acids and then sent to areas of the body that need new proteins. If you consume more proteins than you demand your body to need, they can however be used for energy rather than protein synthesis, or even worse, stored as fat.

Now go get a six-pack !!!! It just takes discipline and time.

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