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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Little off Topic, But Still Wellness...

Reading the paper this morning, an article about how the top income earners are pissed about the tax increases on the wealthy. The top tax rate went from 35% to 39.6%, compared to 60-78% from years before. Response by a CEO at Cognex Corp., "The reason this is happening is very clear: there are more 'takers' than 'makers' in our society and this is leading directly to the decline of free enterprise and capitalism".

What a selfish, uninformed, elitist, smug asshole. Yep buddy, god damn welfare and immigrant junkies are destroying our economy and lives, nothing to do with free-market capitalism, corporate de-regulation, or the top 10% free-for-all. God damn 3 point tax hike on my $1million+ income. I am starving!! Can't even afford to pay 3 of of 5 car payments. 

I feel sorry for you. There is nothing wrong with making a large income, but don't let money blind your view of reality and the rest of the human race. The problem is the focus of much of humanity has shifted from peaceful survival to greed and hatred. And your comment made me vomit at how unbelievably distorted it is.

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