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Sunday, July 31, 2011

When to Supplement

Supplementation (Updated)

When waking Up

- Glutamine, your body is without sufficient nutrition after 6-8 hours. You also need protein, try a couple eggs, or a protein shake.

Before workout

- Creatine, with a sugar drink, not citrus or it turns into useless creatinine. This provides you with energy for your workout, and water to your muscles. Grape juice is one of the best to take it with. Creatine Ethyl Ester is better than Monohydrate because it won't bloat you or add water weight. Take 45-60 minutes before workout

After Workout

- Whey protein (To have available immediately to re-build muscles), Glutamine (To help with muscle repair and soreness, keep body from breaking down muscle), Spirulina (For all amino acids to make protein chains efficiently)
- Creatine, (For muscle repair and gains, limits muscle damage, is absorbed best after workouts when insulin levels are high). Take with a non-acidic, sugary drink. (Acidic drinks turn it into useless creatinine, grape juice is one of the best to take it with)
Add extra water to your protein shake for all the extra stuff you have added. This will assist with cell hydration.

Before Bed

- Whey and glutamine, To help with muscle repair. Muscle repair happens most during REM 4 deep sleep, when your body is experiencing a low level of these elements and needs them to make gains and prevent muscle loss. You will be without nutrition for 6-8 hours, it is important to have these in your system and available.
- L-Arganine, I take L-Arganine before bed to increase my growth hormones while I sleep. This naturally depletes as you get older, and makes it harder for you to recover. It is a natural amino acid.

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