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Monday, July 4, 2011

HFCS is the Same as Sugar. What the F%$K !?!!!

Have you seen the commercial with the the two moms at a kids party discussing high fructose corn syrup? I don't feel like explaining how ridiculous it is, so I will just include the link. There are a few of them, that blatantly lie to your face. Look who funds them, the corn refiners association. Watch the commercial, then let me tell you what I know for a FACT, so you can maybe see why it pisses me off so much. First off, the main problem is that they blatantly lie to your face. HFCS shuts off your body's natural appetite control.This allows you to eat far beyond what your body would normally be able to consume. It is a way to trick your body into consuming more, because then you have to spend more money (not to mention it is much cheaper to process foods with HFCS than natural sugar). In 1970 Americans ate an average of 1/2 lb. of HFCS a year, by the 1990's it had risen to an average of 62 lbs. per year. It rose at an alarming rate, along with obesity. It didn't single-handedly cause this mind you, but it certainly took its toll. The corn company are defending it, but it isn't actually the corn syrup that is the problem. The issue is the concentrated amount of fructose they use to sweeten it. The glucose in corn syrup can be burned off quickly, but the fructose can not and is stored as fat.Our bodies can process a normal amount of fructose from fruits and honey, but not the large, concentrated amounts in HFCS. HFCS also doesn't trigger your body to produce insulin, which helps to regulate your hunger. It also doesn't trigger production of leptin (like normal sugar), which is a protein that helps regulate how much fat you store. So clearly their is much information and scientific evidence to prove this commercial is a blatant lie. It is as bad as cigarette commercials telling you they don't cause cancer. You may think it isn't a big deal because you know it is ridiculous, but they aren't marketing it to you. They are marketing it to naive and ignorant consumers, who have young children. It is justifying them buying the 3 gallon bucket of rainbow sherbert for their kids, and the happy meal they will have for dinner. Absolutely unbelievable that they can market these claims on TV, shows how much the people with money give a shit about any of you. They just sit their and convince you let them steal your happiness and years off your life, just because people are ignorant and don't know any better.


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