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Thursday, July 21, 2011

All Natural Disaster, no Artificial Flavoring !!

There are very intelligent scientists in labs that are creating smells, textures, and tastes in order to make food the most appealing they can to consumers. These scientists are referred to as "flavorists" within their respective circles. They mix volatile chemicals together to create a smell that is similar if not exactly like that of a naturally produced food or a grilled hamburger. They use ingredients like titanium dioxide to create flavors and smells similar to sweets, which is a chemical used to produce make-up. These "flavorists" work in factories like the large one in Daytona, they are part of the I.F.F., or International Flavors and Fragrances. The same place that was originally created to produce smells for perfumes, deodorant, and cleaning chemicals. They use these same chemicals to create food smells, and "Natural" and "Artificial" food flavorings. (Two words that mean little difference as you will discover) The Daytona establishment currently produces 6 of the top 10 fragrances in the U.S. These chemicals are universal from cleaning chemicals to food flavoring, since the F.A.A. does not require flavor companies to disclose their ingredients. They merely need to be considered as G.R.A.S., or Generally Regarded as Safe. What in the hell does that mean, how do you even rate that? "Natural Almond Flavoring" falls under this category. It must be safe since it contains hydrogen cyanide, a deadly poison. Look on your ingredients list in things like Ocean Spray juices or Dannon's Yogurt for Carminic Acid or Carmine. It is a "Natural" food coloring made from crushed bugs called Dactlyopius, and their larvae. They make it sound safe by saying it is "Natural Flavoring" or show integrity by labeling it "Artificially Flavored". All this means is it was produced differently, but there is nothing natural about it. Natural is an apple you find growing on a tree in an orchid or a coconut on a palm in the tropics. They not only create the smell and flavor from sometimes deadly chemicals, but they manipulate the natural texture as well. They use gums, fats, starches, emulsifiers, and stabilizers to make the food have a specific texture and crunch. They have a machine called the TA.XT2i Texture Analyzer. It is like a mechanical mouth with over 200 probes that measures bounce, density, crunchiness, gumminess, chewiness, breaking point, etc. This is to help them finalize the texture experience for the consumer, to make it the most physically and psychologically appealing. This is why we need to be aware of what they are doing to alter the things we put into our body. We blindly eat whatever these food scientists put on the shelves, and then we wonder why we have so many people suffering from all types of cancers. These foods are loaded with many bad ingredients, many that contain large traces of carcinogens. So eat your foods that you love because they are bright and shaped perfectly and smell delicious. No need to worry about all the sickness and cancers they cause. At least, not until you have plenty of time lying in bed after chemo or surgery. Just keep brushing these issues aside so the people responsible for doing this continue to laugh and have the freedom to capitalize off of society's ignorance. We can't save everyone, and one person can't make a difference..... That is the one thing that every person who has tried to make a drastic positive change in the human race has never failed to hear many people say. But the ones who brush it aside because they know that it is not even close to the truth, those are the people who have made our lives exponentially greater. Every disaster begins with warning signs, and when they are ignored then that is when the disaster is allowed to manifest. No one can destroy positive progress when it is driven by selfless honesty. No one.

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  1. It's about time bugs did something useful like flavoring my food.