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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Supplement Bible

Wake-Up / Pre-Workout:

- Green Tea Extract – Caffeine to stimulate and sharpen, plus tea’s health benefits.
- Fat Burner –Stimulate and thermo-effects (optional, not all safe) or 6oz. coffee
- Multi-vitamin – Try not to get more than 100% anything, especially A, D, E, or K
        which are fat-soluble vitamins and can build up over time.
- Beta-Alanine – 4g total, 2g before workout to fight lactic acid and allow greater
          strength. Boosts muscular anaerobic endurance and aerobic endurance.
 - 5g Creatine – Energy, water retention.
- 16 oz. water

-60-90 minutes before workout: Oatmeal and banana w/ eggs whites (no fats before
        workout, will sit in stomach)
18-20g Whey protein within 30 minutes of starting workout (Optimal amount)

During Workout:

- 7-10oz. water every 15-20mins.
- If working over an hour drink some electrolytes
- If working over 90 minutes drink carbs and electrolytes (Gatorade, Accelerade)


- Whey proteins blend with: 10-12g whey & 10g weight gainer (Or just 20g protein,
      which is optimal amount for recovery. Over 20g can hinder muscle growth)
            - Ground Flaxseed – Fiber and digestion (Optional)
            - Spirulina – All amino acids for protein synthesis (Optional)
            - BCAA – For protein synthesis
            - Creatine Monohydrate – Recovery (May be in your whey already)
            - Chia seed– Cleanse and fiber (Optional)
            - Beta-Alanine – 2g (Should break up 4g daily dose into two servings) 
- 70-90g of carbs and 20g protein in a meal – Ideal for protein synthesis
– 4:1 ratio carbs:protein is optimal. Consume .5-.8g protein/lb. body weight
     total in a day, depending on level of activity. .9g/lb BW upper limit)
- Replace weight lost in water (So if sweat 1.5lbs. drink 24oz. water)

Before Bed:

- ZMA – Deeper sleep and testosterone booster for recovery.
- Glutamine – 5g can boost growth hormone levels.
- Casein Protein – about 12g to provide steady flow of protein for muscle recovery
   and prevent breakdown of muscles while fasting during sleep. (Cottage Cheese is
   casein also)

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