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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ronald McDonald Up Your Asses

I'm tired of people having one defense when McDonalds is attacked for providing fat kids with a safe haven and parent's a gag for their children. It is always, "But they have the Ronald McDonald House, so they care". Really? So if I sell guns to criminals is it justified if I also open an emergency room? Wow, that logic is impeccable, I guess you win you naive, ignorant citizen. Besides, the Ronald McDonald foundation doesn't exist because they care so much. If they cared they would have stopped loading everything on their menu with sugar and fat, providing toys and happy meals to make children scream until their parents would give in, and be the first food establishment to build playgrounds. Why the hell do you need a playground at a fast food joint? They are driven by profit motive, and I guarantee you the big boss sitting up top is more worried about the profits for the year than how many children developed cancer and diabetes due to his food. The Ronald McDonald foundation is a tax free operation that essentially gives McDonalds the ability to choose where there taxes go. The foundation allows McDonalds to write off their expenses. Kudos for spending it on repairing the problem you help create McDonalds, I'm not buying it. They started the foundation BECAUSE it is a write off and they have to pay the money through taxes if they didn't start the foundation, their out of pocket expenses are minimal compared to the income they receive - not to mention the income boost they get specifically from the press of starting the foundation, showing fat, naive Americans everywhere how much they care about fixing the problem they perpetuate. Get a new defense, and just admit it - McDonalds targets children because they know the parents are busy and too damn weak to say no to their children. Hook the kids and the parents follow suit, funny how those roles get reversed sometimes. So stop making your kids fat parents, it is ALL YOUR FAULT, you choose what your kids can eat for at least the first 13 years of their life. Stop taking them to McDonalds and then being embarrassed they are fat and blaming it on them, you drove them there.

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