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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Leading Cause of Death is Capatilism

The social issue of our healthcare system being sick itself is one that has had a lot of attention in the recent years. America is supposed to be the world’s superpower and a leader in freedom, ideas, knowledge, technology, and more, yet we rank 37th in the world in an area vital to the success of human life. By traveling to other countries and comparing their healthcare systems, the viewer is able to get a reference to our own system, to really see how corrupt it is because it is built not on a foundation of compassion and concern for the nation, but on a solid foundation of capitalism. The medical industry in America is nothing but another corporate structure, an entity built to reward its stockholders and increase the wealth of its benefactors. I am lucky enough to have free health care because I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy, if I weren’t then I would be another one of the 47+ million people who do not have the basic necessity of health care. I personally like reviewing the research on Switzerland. This is important since they were following the same kind of system as the U.S. originally, and then made the switch to be more of a socialist system. This proves to America that we can change our system and it is not destined for failure.  We need to focus on caring and healing the sick, not profiting from pharmaceuticals or costly and unnecessary scans and tests. We need to incorporate a system of preventative healthcare rather than a tertiary system. American doctors typically focus on medicating and fixing the issue after it happens, but we don't do nearly enough to educate on the importance of daily maintenance and prevention. Insurance companies need to cease to be their own private entity. Insurance companies give bonuses when their contractors can deny healthcare, because it saves them money. This is a known fact, not an opinion I have. So the best thing you can do as an insurance agent is to find a way to not help the customer. America’s healthcare system is sick, and it is keeping the people sick. Capitalism is the leading cause of death in America.

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