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Monday, September 19, 2011

Marijuana and Prostitutes

I'm sick of the debate over marijuana being legalized. I don't care if it is, I don't smoke it nor care to condone it. But the bottom line is that it is unconstitutional for it to be illegal. You can not create a law banning something because it is immoral. We all know marijuana is illegal because it is considered a drug and immoral, yet alcohol is a drug and is legal? The supreme courts ruled many years ago that our civil liberties (including our Bill of Rights in its entirety) are priority, except in matters of Public Safety or National security. So now they can twist it around to make laws where they feel like it. It is illegal to smoke pot because they say it is a "public safety concern". Yet you can freely smoke cigarettes, which cause you drastic physical disability and/or death. However, they are legal because many of our founding fathers were tobacco farmers. Alcohol is an even better example. It is an intoxicating and mind altering drug, yet it is legal. It is a fact that alcohol is much more toxic for your body than marijuana, and it carries numerous other issues along with it's use that could very much be considered public safety concerns; drunk driving, rape, alcohol poisoning, increased aggression, crime, etc. Marijuana makes you tired, hungry, and usually lazy. Yet it is the public safety concern, and not alcohol? Why is prostitution illegal? Because it is a sin and immoral. But it is said to be illegal because it is a "public safety concern". So having as much sex as you want for free or for jewelry and dinner is fine, but don't accept cash. If you accept cash then it becomes a public safety concern. It is a civil liberty to do what you want with your body, if you want to be a dirty hooker then go for it. There are tons of guys and girls who do it legally for free, what about porn stars? They are just as dirty as hookers, but they legally get paid to have sex with people. How is being payed for screwing on camera legal, but screwing in a hotel for money not? It is unconstitutional, no matter if you agree with it or not. I don't care if prostitution or marijuana are legal, that is not the point. The point is if we say we are going to continue to follow the supreme law of the land, then we can't pick and choose when to do so. If you want marijuana to be illegal because it is a "public safety concern" then fine, but so should be cigarettes and alcohol. If you want prostitution to be illegal because it is a "public safety concern", then fine but so should be sex with multiple partners and porn. But society wants to get drunk and smoke cigarettes and have orgies, so they will remain legal.

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